Talent Forward HR


I spearheaded the rebranding initiative for Talent Forward HR, a local HR consulting company owned by Debbie Lawrence. Recognizing the need for a contemporary and innovative brand overhaul, Debbie entrusted me with the task of breathing new life into the company’s visual identity. This comprehensive project encompassed the development of a fresh logo, revamped business cards, stationery, folders, and a dynamic website. Beyond the initial design phase, my ongoing responsibility includes maintaining and updating the website to ensure its continued relevance and functionality. My role extended beyond a mere aesthetic update; I redefined Talent Forward HR’s brand identity by: refining colors, selecting a modern typeface, and creating sleek designs. The overarching goal was to establish a professional and cutting-edge brand that would effortlessly distinguish itself amidst the competition. For a firsthand look at the transformed brand, visit the Talent Forward HR website.

What I Did:

  • Branding Strategy

  • Brand Identity Redefinition

  • Logo Design

  • Print Design

  • Layout Design

  • Website Design and Maintenance

  • Color Theory

  • Typography

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Client Collaboration


RGB: 150, 0, 189
CMYK: 56, 91, 0, 0
HEX: 9600bd


RGB: 10, 158, 0
CMYK: 83, 11, 100, 2
HEX: 0a9e00

Here is a look at all the various parts I designed.  [use mock up things – delete this note later]